The pack I received from training is varied and an extremely useful resource. The real world examples provided by Fay made what can be quite ‘dry’ information extremely relevant and it highlighted its importance in everyday life. Although restricted by time I felt many issues were covered (within the talk and in handouts.) Fay was also really engaging!


The practical exercise made you actively think about non discriminatory practice and how you judge people by various stereotypes.

(Testimonial received in relation to a questionnaire filled out after a seminar titled ‘Positive approaches to Anti-Discriminatory Practice’ delivered by Fay Hunkins)
Satisfied Client

Hi Fay…. I would like to thank you for all your endless support and tireless efforts in helping me to realise the most important dream of life (becoming a social worker) I really appreciate all your commitment and dedication not just to me but to everyone you mentor. THANK YOU11111

Sainey Coventry Student
text sent 20/08/2013

Hi Fay, Thank you for the training yesterday, I really enjoyed it and found it really useful. I have attached the feedback form. Hope you got home safely. Thank you for the material you have sent. Kind regards,

University of Birmingham Student

I have had one to one sessions with Fay for the last 2 and a half years at University. Since September, she has been my mentor. I know that if it wasn’t for Fay and my personal tutor (assigned by University) then I would not be in the position I am in today and most probably would have dropped out of University. *Is it something you would encourage others to use? Yes, 100% because nobody should feel alone. The most important thing is to have somebody you can trust, rely on and know that they are there to share ups and downs, highs and lows. *What is it like to have a mentor? It is the person who you can share good news with but also supports you when you have bad times. It is invaluable.

(Testimonial received via an email response to the Hunkins cHoice customer satisfaction survey~ *What mentoring support have you received (i.e. one to ones, group work, skype, etc)? )
University of Birmingham Graduate

Hi Fay, Just wanted to say that you’ve been brilliant over the last 2 years and have helped me out enormously, so thank you for everything 🙂 I hope you enjoy your independent work. Thanks, Sophie

University student

Dear Fay, I am really sorry that you are leaving, I hope there is someone as nice as you there who will look after me like you have 🙂 Who do I speak to now about what’s happening with my DSA claim as I have nothing from them since I had my assessment done? Wishing you every happiness for the future

University student

We would like to thank your worker Fay for the support and advice she gave the After Care team in dealing with one of our young men. The specialist information she gave us enabled the setting up of effective links and a support package with psychiatric services. My social worker particularly valued being able to talk through the issues with someone who had a clear understanding of childcare issues as well as mental health knowledge.

(Testimonial received via a letter from Michelle Whiting to Jeremy Patton on Fay Hunkins work)
Michelle Whiting
Team Manager, Solihull Social Services

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Fay and everyone at Hunkins cHoice because without your help and support there would be no way I would be in the position I am today.

(Testimonial received via Facebook where Caroline Saxon posted on Hunkins cHoice’s timeline 22/06/2013)
Graduate of Uni of Birmingham, 1st Class Hons

Fay Hunkins is an extremely experienced and competent ASW. She is thorough and fair in all her assessments and challenges discriminatory practice.

Madeline Hunt
Practice Assessor Post Qualifying Social Workers

“I am getting on very well with my new mentor Jozef. We have met for approx. 1 month now and I am really happy that I now have his support. I was left without a mentor for a while which made things tricky but I understand that nobody could cover Coventry at the time.
“With Jozef I have made so much progress in the short time we have met- I have felt much more confident in my ability to complete my dissertation and in my general life. Jozef has taught me lots of techniques to help me with dealing with my difficult relationship with my parents and also gave me tips for an interview I had. He has taught me that I can achieve and I have the skills and abilities to succeed. In the month I have been seeing him I have completed my ethical approval, nearly written the first chapter of my dissertation, spoke to my personal tutor, felt confident going to an interview, learnt ways of motivating myself to study, learnt ways of putting a routine in my life, learnt about ways to reduce my flashbacks and we have discussed lots about my mental health and my studies.
“I would recommend Jozef to any student. He is so friendly yet sensitive to what I need from my mentoring, and he understands and tries to get to know me in an empathetic and understanding manner.”
Ellie Jones
Coventry University Graduate