Mentoring for Individuals

Our approach to mentoring uses a multiple intelligence model of intervention.

People know their worlds in many ways. All of us have many cognitive capacities, but most of us are particularly strong in some and weak in others.

  • Mentoring uses skills which can be found in coaching and counselling, but is practical in nature and based on the mentor having a related experience of the issue the mentee is dealing with. Mentoring is focused on individual development it is personal, overall development focus, confidential and safe and Bi-directional.


to help individuals listen to, question and understand themselves and others in a multi-dimensional way, to draw on their strengths and enhance their weaker abilities.

What do we offer?

We offer a range of support and training to:

  • Individuals or Students in education. As a Non Medical Helper provider, we can support students and meet the required DSA requirements.
  • Organisations in both the private and public sectors. We work to provide awareness and training within the workplace and to provide support around mental health.
  • Individuals with any queries or who would like to receive support through our services or would benefit from our services are always welcome to contact us

 One to one mentoring and support

We offer one to one mentoring which incorporates face to face, telephone and Skype. We also offer

  • Practical assistance in managing difficult thoughts and blocks to motivation and concentration and dealing with “brain fog” .
  • Skills in balancing your approach to deadlines
  • Skills in becoming more effective in your professional relationships

The benefits to mentoring with us, is that you will receive a fully interactive experience. Mentoring with us will stretch your thinking powers and encourage internal and external growth. Mentoring with us will also enhance your resilience and human intelligence.

Group Mentoring

The benefits of Group mentoring support, comes not only from the mentoring group facilitator but from peers within the group. This is particularly efficient for organisations and businesses.

  • Provides for greater exposure to multiple levels of expertise and knowledge as each participant brings their own competencies to the group that can be shared
  • Diversity within the group brings a diversity of perspective to issues, as well as to a greater understanding and awareness of diversity in general.
  • A range of individuals can receive support in a time efficient manner. This is structured to ensure that all individuals can learn at consistent and effective pace and takes into consideration; learning styles and preferences. With a range of visual, engaging and learning approaches, all in attendance can benefit.