Service Charter

Hunkins cHoice Limited Service Charter


Hunkins Choice is an organisation founded by Fay Hunkins. The organisation incorporates specialist qualified mental health professionals as associates, who carry out varies roles for the service.


Fay Hunkins Walcott is a member of the British Association of Social Workers and thus, Hunkins cHoice bases much of its values in the code and ethics of that profession. Much of the work carried out is guided by the principles therein. See: for a view or download of the code of ethics.


Training organisations, mentoring of workers and students, consultancy to individuals and organisations, and specialist mentor clinical supervision.


  • Organisations requiring training on mental health issues and legal obligations.
  • Students in HE managing mental health difficulties
  • Workers self employed and employees managing mental health difficulties
  • SME’s and large organisations requiring consultancy on wellbeing of their staff and implementing procedures.
  • Specialist mental health mentors requiring clinical supervision and case load support.

When you contact Hunkins cHoice we will:

  • always be helpful, courteous and respectful
  • deal with you in a fair and open manner irrespective of your age, race, sexual orientation disability, religion, gender, gender reassignment status or whether you are married or in a civil partnership.
  • listen to you and respond to your enquiry accurately, clearly and fairly
  • keep you informed and provide any information which is relevant.


If you contact HC by telephone

We will:

  • listen carefully to your enquiry and use clear, positive language when responding.
  • If the right person is not available, we will give you their name and direct phone number.

In Writing

We will:

  • respond to your enquiry within 10 working days
  • tell you when to expect a full response to your enquiry.
  • Our reply will be accurate, clear and fair.

Hunkins cHoice staff will always:

  • work within the Data Protection Act 1998
  • respect confidentiality guidelines
  • follow our Complaints procedure.

How you can help us:

Keep in touch, offering advice on your experience of the service or of what you have read.

When dealing with staff please

  • make sure you are always courteous and respectful
  • be patient and provide all the information we need to deal with your enquiry
  • feel free to make suggestions about how to improve the service we provide.

How to Contact Us:


Hunkins cHoice
Becky heights,
Hole Farm Way,
B38 9RW

Telephone: 0333 210 0173
Mobile: 07816315300


Hunkins choice welcomes feedback in the form of positive comments, concerns or complaints in order to rectify a matter and or to learn from a mistake and change unhelpful current practice.

Information about Hunkins cHoice:

Available on request in the following formats

  • Large print
  • basic English
  • audio
  • video

Opening Hours:
Monday 9am-5.30pm
Tuesday 9am-5.30pm
Wednesday 9am-7pm
Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Weekends, for telephone enquiries.

Process for Service Charter Reviews

How often:

Annually April 6th each year

How and when brought to clients attention:

Beginning of new contractual arrangement; when requested by a prospective client.

Frequency of reviews:

Annually or when a serious change is required e.g. if current practice is not in line with current legislative guidelines or when it is having a negative impact on a particular protected group as defined under the Equality Act 2007.

Responsibility of charring and writing up reviews:

Fay Hunkins Walcott

Process of the review:

  • Collate feedback
  • Arrange data and consider procedural changes required
  • Make changes and inform current clients
  • Save changed procedures and place on website etc.

Decision making for changes made within the reviews:

By Fay Hunkins Walcott from discussions with clients and associates of Hunkins cHoice

Documentation and communication:

Clear and concise document for public viewing in leaflet form; on the web; audio version and any other format required and able to create.

Key Questions for the Review:

  1. What processes, interactions and roles have worked this past year (comments from feedback of clients and associates)
  2. What has been the concerns or complaints made this past year? (Comments from feedback from clients and associates)
  3. What legislative changes are required for the forthcoming year?