Mental health awareness week 2016

Mental health awareness week 2016 badgeAs the only Specialist Mental Health training and mentoring Service based in the West Midlands region we are proud to support mental health awareness week 2016 which runs from the 16th – 22nd of May.  The theme of this year’s awareness week is relationships and as we all know good relationships help us live longer and happier lives with fewer physical and mental health problems. Investing in your relationships is as important as healthy eating, exercise and not smoking.

Therefore during the week Hunkins cHoice will be involved in several training events and drop in sessions that will follow this theme and look at how we can better relate to our colleagues, friends, family and loved ones in order to improve our personal and professional lives.

The following events are taking place:

16th May 2016 Fay Hunkins-Walcott, the founder and managing director of Hunkins cHoice, we will be attending the annual Social Work Compass Fair conference in Manchester. She will be discussing with colleagues how she has transferred her social work knowledge and skills into her current business ethos and practice. The aim is to maintain her relationship with the profession and its positive impact on practice for independent social workers.

18th May 2016 Tea and Talk at St. Nicholas Place. As further part of the mental health foundation initiative Hunkins cHoice will be supporting local small libraries and cafes to get involved in mental health week, through tea and talk drop is sessions, quizzes and discussions. Please contact us for further details and the event venue.

19th May 2016 We will be providing a half day in house training event for Grocery Aid; a engaging benevolent fund for all individuals in the grocery trade. This training is aimed at skilling up volunteers and caseworkers in managing their professional relationships with the company’s clients.

26th May 2016 (Also running 19th and 20th July) We will be presenting a public access workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs ‘Well Women: Blazing Business’.  This event is open to all who wish to understand more fully their relationships created within their business practice both with colleagues and with themselves. The aim is to provide strong theoretical evidence of the positive female presence within business and how it is shaping future practice. Delegates will benefit from practical techniques, which are easy to use within their everyday work life management.

You can read more about mental health awareness week here.