The growth of Hunkins cHoice Ltd.

What has been the growth since 2005? The service began by providing specialist professional practice supervision to social workers in 2005. This service continued to grow and resulted in providing high quality training to large and small organisations ensuring that they met their duty of care to staff and clients. Building on postgraduate research findings and the recommendations this work continued to focus on the unique requirements of student mental health concerns. Hunkins cHoice has developed specific expertise within the area of specialist mental health mentoring (in 2012?). Hunkins cHoice has continued to expand in its second year of offering specialist mental health mentoring support to students. This unique mentoring service started with just one university in Birmingham. Within two years, Hunkins cHoice has grown to support students from nine universities including several in the West Midlands, London, Manchester, and Wakefield.

How did this happen? Through clear values based work: putting student needs at the heart of the provision, using only professionals with knowledge and expertise in the field of education and mental health, and by acting on the feedback made by students who manage mental health issues.

What is in store for 2015? The continuation of geographical expansion of services, to meet student needs within Europe by extending the support to ERASMUS students in the European Union. Supporting businesses in understanding staff mental health needs and requirements through CPD training and offering professional mentoring through the EAP service.

This is a very exciting and rewarding time for me and I want to say thank you to all the associates, students and clients who have helped us grow and hone our skills in this unique field.

Fay Hunkins Walcott