Meet the Team

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Liam – Co Director

Mina Sonariwo – Specialist Mentor

Has a background in mental health support to adults in social services. Mina is an active mental health mentor for students in HE and also works as an outreach worker for the blind. Mina works in Manchester, the North and North West.

A picture of Clive, a specialist mentor

Clive – Specialist Mentor

Is a senior counsellor with an MA in counselling studies, has his own in private practice and also works within schools, universities and the health service. Clive has more than 25 years experience supporting and mentoring students within the education sector.

Patricia, specialist mentor for Hunkins Choice

Patricia – Specialist Mentor

Patricia is a qualified social worker with over 10 years experience in a range of social work environments. She is experienced in providing both practical and emotional support to individuals and families from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. Her aim is to support students in developing a range of strategies that promotes positive well-being and enables individuals to achieve their full potential.

Jim – Specialist Mentor

Jim has over 20 years of experience of working with individuals with complex mental health conditions in NHS services as a qualified occupational therapist in various community and hospital settings. In recent years Jim has worked in Higher Education as a specialist mental health mentor with students at two separate Universities. Jim also has a MSt in psychodynamic counselling and has a small private practice.

Sofie – Specialist Mentor

Is based in Oslo and mentors students on placement in Norway. From many years working as a personal assistant and then as a nursing assistant in a psychiatric hospital Sofie has vast experience giving both practical and mental support to persons managing complex life-situations, having both physical challenges and mental health-issues.

Valerie – Specialist Mentor

Is a qualified counsellor with her own practise based in Germany. Valerie has extensive experience with people from a wide range of social backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and faiths. Valerie covers the Ludwigsburg area offering mental health mentoring to students on placement.

Jozef – Specialist Mentor

I have worked with vulnerable adults for several years, during my social work training, and in my previous jobs and roles. In my social work role, I have worked with vulnerable older adults, people with learning disabilities, mental health, complex care needs and life circumstances, and also younger adults, children and their families.

I believe in potential for all. I like to empower individuals. My working method definitely allows for joint working. I support individuals determine where they would want to be and I support break down the barriers and chunk goals into manageable achievable targets allowing one to also deal with, and manage some of the wider issues impacting upon success.

I am a calm and practical person who would easily take an adaptable approach to any given situation.

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