About Us

Hunkins cHoice Innovative Mentoring

Hunkins cHoice was a founded by Fay Hunkins.

Hunkins choice provides professional training, consultancy, mentoring and research on mental health issues. Hunkins cHoice is firmly rooted in the social model of disability and looks to support, encourage and train individuals in managing mental health difficulties through the exploration of external and internal stressors.

Hunkins cHoice innovative mentoring approach works in collaboration with a number of professional mental health associates. All associates are registered with their relative professional body, receive regular supervision, appropriate training and proactively engage in continual professional development.

Using professionals from the field of health and social care ensures students are offered a varied choice of professional mentoring support. Such professionals have skills in coaching, motivating and guiding students throughout their student lifecycle. These professionals have worked in various community settings, so are highly skilled in managing mental wellbeing as well as recognising risk. They are thus, able to help students recognise when and how to seek help, within and outside of the educational setting.