Support if you are ill or disabled (PDF Download)

Support if you are ill or disabled (PDF Download)

It’s really important to get the right information and help when you’re ill or disabled.

This leaflet tells you about the support you might get. It doesn’t go into detail, but explains where you can get more information and who to contact. Other organisations may also be able to help you.

Choosing your own support workers (PDF Download)

If you are entitled to Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs), and your assessor has recommended support workers for you, such as a note taker, study buddy, dyslexia support tutor or mentor, you are entitled to choose your own support workers or use support workers provided for you by the University’s Personal Assistance Scheme.

Motivation: A Self Help Guide (PDF Download)

When you were offered a place in university on the course you wanted, your motivation to get started would have probably been very high. Most likely you imagined finishing your degree and moving into a fabulous career that you enjoyed and earned a good living from. Perhaps you imagined how your life will be as a student, perhaps leaving home, having independence, having a sense of belonging, having status and control over your own destiny, making new friends and pleasing significant others.